'Hire an expert' to save cash on an overseas property

British professionals moving overseas have been advised to take on the services of a specialist currency provider when it comes to buying a property.
Paul Collins, editor at BuyAssociation, explained that currency fluctuations have a massive impact on property prices.
With the volatility of the eurozone at the moment, it is shrewd thinking to hire a specialist to work out how to get the best rates.
“High street banks won’t provide you with the best rates, so you need to go to a specialist,” Mr Collins stated.
“It can make thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of difference in the price of a property. Even though it is possibly the least exciting bit of buying a property, it is hugely important.”
He added that the exchange rate at the moment is really strong, which is good news for British expats looking to buy a property as soon as possible.
“I would be consulting a specialist to find out exactly what they thought the market would be doing,” the expert stated.
“It is a very specialised field and that is why it is best to use these specialists in very professional currency houses.”
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