Head to Burgundy for an exquisite way of life

Burgundy just sounds pleasant. It rolls off your tongue with a certain cool detachment. Bur-gun-dy. It’s no surprise though, given that anything in French sounds good. Petits pois, for example, otherwise known as small peas in English, has a sublime cadence to it. Who would have thought?
International movers looking to head to France for life as an expat will find Burgundy has something special about it, excelling as a purveyor of everything good about life in this magnificent country – fine wine, superb food and an oh so breezy lifestyle.
Burgundy is a tranquil place, a tidy slice of rural paradise and full of opportunities, thanks to the fact that it has always been a prosperous region. It is largely buoyed by its productive wine industry, where it specialises in dry reds (Pinot Noir grapes) and punchy white wines (Chardonnay grapes).
Life is dominated by an open environment. Everything happens outside. However, unlike Paris, which is geared towards a more cosmopolitan culture – cafes, restaurants and the rest – Burgundy is about walks, picnics, treks and time spent by a lake.
“The canals in Burgundy region are superb for leisurely journeys along bird-rich waterways hemmed by tufted fields of vines and sunflowers,” explains the travel author and broadcaster Sarah Woods.
“This a popular option because the routes offer a good range of short trips and longer loops and take in a mix of wineries, historic towns and villages, little eateries, patisseries et cetera.”
In short, you’re not going to run out of exciting ways to keep yourself occupied outside of work. There is just so much to explore. Historic, quaint and serene, Burgundy offers a very enviable way of life.