A guide to the New York lifestyle for expats

It just takes one visit to the city that never sleeps to win the heart of the expat that adores the rush of a fast-paced lifestyle. The twinkling lights of Manhattan, the splendour of the Upper West Side, the bohemian ambience of Greenwich Village and, of course, those icons of the Big Apple such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, all pull together to create a city that can’t fail to capture the imagination. Whether it’s the sparkling nightlife, world-class gastronomy or the vast array of art and cultural offerings that prove the most attractive, you’ll find it all here in a city that pulses with energy and life.
However, there is a big difference between visiting a city and living there as an expat. New York City has its very own distinctive culture and, as a resident, you will no longer be watching from the outside but will find yourself immersed in a scene that, though somewhat overwhelming for the uninitiated, will prove undeniably exciting as you start your new life overseas.
New York culture
So, what should an expat expect from the New York City lifestyle? For starters, you’ll be in good company. The city itself is the most populated in the United States and just last year, the Telegraph reported there are over 120,000 Brits currently residing there. Expat Arrivals describes the type of expats attracted to the Big Apple in the current climate as the “jet-setting, business-savvy players of the world’s economy” and we are inclined to agree.
In short, New Yorkers work hard and play hard. You can travel all over town via the subway 24 hours a day, and residents seem to be constantly on the go – both when it comes to business and pleasure. It is not unheard of for business meetings to be scheduled for Sunday lunchtime or late in the evening and last year, Fortune reported that the average New Yorker’s working week totalled 49 hours and 8 minutes – though this partly included the long commutes that are a part of daily life in the city. However, when it comes to reaping the benefits of their hard-earned salaries, New Yorkers are certainly in the right place with no end of entertainment right on their doorstep.
Living in New York
It is also worth bearing in mind that the housing market in New York is as competitive as they come. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, be prepared to go into battle and start your search as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of securing the right place. Space comes at a premium in the city, though there are a diverse range of neighbourhoods to choose from, including a selection of family-friendly boroughs, all with their own unique characteristics and appeal.
For those that enjoy the thrill of the big city lifestyle, New York really can be the city of dreams.