Guide to finding a job in UAE

The exotic allure of the United Arab Emirates is renowned for charming ambitious expats from all over the world – expats drawn to a land where the wages are higher, the sunshine is brighter and they can escape from the hard-hitting taxes awaiting back home.
According to the latest expat survey from InterNations, the UAE offers a life where 62% of expats feel that their future career prospects are attractive, 90% feel positive about the country’s overall economy, and more than half are content with their personal financial situation. Team this with the fact that the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2014 rated the UAE as fourth globally in the economics league table and noted that a whopping 87% of expats are aged 18-54 (i.e. working age), and it is safe to say that career prospects and earning potential are the chief magnets for expats considering a move to this part of the world.
But despite the promise of this land of plenty, just how easy is it to find and secure a job in the UAE? Will a neatly typed CV and enthusiastic cover letter be enough to land you the position you are looking for? It might have been enough ten years ago, but in today’s fast-paced job market times have changed and securing work using these traditional methods might not be quite as easy as you think. The good news is that by adhering to a few tips, the savvy expat looking for work in one of the UAE’s enticing cities has a very good chance of propelling him- or herself to the top of the pile.
Job-hunting tips
Although the safest method is to secure a job before moving to the UAE, many employers are interested in hiring those that are already settled in the area. In popular Abu Dhabi, expats find opportunities in a wide range of sectors including construction; finance and banking; insurance; retail and services; and the telecom industry. But how to locate and lock down that perfect position?
UAE news site advises job-seekers to rip that cover letter to shreds – in 2016 UAE, recruiters simply aren’t interested. Instead, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are now taking the responsibility of initially screening applications – technology that does not register a cover letter. Appeal to the ATS software by enriching your application with keywords, carefully chosen from the job description – it is these keywords which will determine your suitability for the post.
First-hand advice, reported on, specifies networking as a handy tool for finding work in the UAE. Organisations in Abu Dhabi use professional networking site LinkedIn to look for potential employees and joining social groups in the city itself will ensure you are getting your face out there – you never know who you might meet in expat circles who could give you a hand up on the career ladder.
Finally, use local recruitment agencies and take advantage of a veritable goldmine of opportunity. After all, their purpose is to match workers with vacancies – set up a profile with as many as possible to maximise your chances of success.
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Information correct at time of publication.