Germans want a return to deutschmark

There is an increasing call from most Germans for the country to drop out of the euro and return to the deutschmark, according to a new poll.
The German tabloid newspaper Bild am Sonntag found that 51 per cent of Germans would be happy to return to a native currency because they are unhappy about the possible future ramifications of bailing out other European countries.
This news is said to have astonished German politicians, many of whom were confident that its citizens supported the government’s policies in this area.
However, only 29 per cent believe that being part of the euro would maintain Germany’s position as Europe’s strongest economic force.
Despite these findings, German chancellor Angel Merkel remains committed to the euro, British expats moving overseas will be interested to hear.
In a joint statement with Italy’s prime minister, Mario Monti, Ms Merkel said she would “do everything” in her power to reinvigorate the embattled single currency.
Their solidarity comes after France’s president, Francoise Hollande, made a statement pledging his country’s support of the future of the euro.
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