Fulham area guide – Popular things to do and see

Situated in the South West of London, Fulham is a very popular destination for people moving to London and wanting to be close to the hustle of the business community. Fulham is very popular with those working in the city because of its convenient transport links and easy access to the major business hubs, but what is there to do in Fulham outside of work hours?

The River Cafe on Thames Wharf is one of those ‘bucket list’ eateries that has a reputation for exquisite, yet familiar, food. The bill for a light lunch at the River Cafe might be more in the A-list price bracket than a neighbourhood eatery but the food is worth every penny, after all…there must be a reason why so many celebrities choose to sit by the Thames and enjoy a leisurely lunch at this Michelin starred cafe that has trained the likes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver.

If you prefer to cook at home and want to buy your ingredients from somewhere other than the usual supermarket you can head to London’s most popular market. 6 Days a week you can find a wide selection of veg stalls, fishmongers, olive stalls, cheese stalls and many more at North End Road Market.

It is one of those fabulous destinations that might not be pristine and tourist-friendly but offers a dose of ‘real London’, while offering you almost everything that you would usually get from the supermarket, just much fresher and often cheaper.

The friendly, community spirit is very much apparent as you walk around Eel Brook Common. Here you will be met by almost every dog breed you can possibly imagine out on their daily strolls, along with a couple of small groups of friends having a kick around or playing frisbee. Be sure to visit in the summer when the common is rife with picnics, fitness classes and friendly get-togethers.

If you are looking for something to do in the winter months, you can find London’s most famous winter-themed pop-up venue Winterland on Wandsworth Bridge Road. Complete with heated outdoor drinking, fur-lined sofas, heated hunting lodges, retro gondolas and chairlifts, bauble filled igloos and firepits.

This is a must-visit venue. As the name suggests, Winterland is only open during the winter months, before being converted to Neverland in time for the summer when the space is converted to a fantastic jungle beach resort with cocktails, yoga on the sand and street food.

If you have just moved to Fulham and you want to fill your house with beautiful handmade pieces of arts and crafts, we can highly recommend a visit to Token Studios. At Token Studios you can take part in a number of crafty workshops and lessons including bath bombs, embroidery, watercolours, pottery, soap making and lino prints.

There is so much to see and do for those moving to Fulham, appealing to families, couples and individual. With its wide appeal, Fulham is filled with bars, restaurants, beautiful green spaces and creative hotspots to suit every budget and taste. If you are thinking of moving to Fulham, get in touch with our specialist London removals team, click here to find out more.