French property 'to level off'

Property prices in France are set to “level off” this year, according to Cognac Property Services.
Graham Downie, founder of the independent property search and buying consultancy, explained that in comparison to other European nations, France has a “less volatile market”.
As such, with the levelling of prices, professionals moving to France with work can be safe in the knowledge that investing in property has reduced risks – losses are smaller.
“The French attitude to home ownership is that of buying a home rather than an investment,” Mr Downie explained further.
“They tend not to buy and turn around property as in the UK. This means that in the unlikely event of a significant fall in prices, many people would rejoice as it makes homes more affordable.”
He added that because of France’s “unique disposition” – it is comprised of a series of hundreds of different micro markets – the country is less likely to suffer from major slumps akin to that currently being seen in Greece, for example.