Foreign & Commonwealth Office issue a checklist for people moving abroad

Thousands of Brits move abroad every year for various reasons, although according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office very few of them are suitably prepared for the trip. The FCO have issued an official warning to people moving abroad, alongside a new checklist for those considering the move.
“The appeal of warmer climates and experiencing different countries and cultures is strong for many British citizens. We want to pave the way for our expats to have the best experience possible when they move abroad.” said Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Mark Simmonds.
“Our consular staff across the world have dealt with a high number of British expats requiring assistance for financial issues, whether as a result of a house purchase gone wrong, having inadequate funds to pay for medical bills or experiencing some other misfortune that has resulted in financial hardship.” Simmonds explained.
Amongst the pieces of advice given in the guide are; read up on locals laws & customs, seek independent legal advice, read up on tax regulations and tell us [the FCO] you’re leaving. The checklist is part of the government’s ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign that was launched to promote the importance of doing thorough research before travelling abroad. For those considering joining the six million British nationals currently living abroad, the FCO hopes that its checklist will help to ensure a smooth transition into expat life and beyond.
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