Finding international talent 'made easy' for New Zealand bosses

Employers in New Zealand will be better placed to source international talent via two new “upgrades” to existing services.
Immigration New Zealand (INZ), which specialises in “attracting the best people” to the country, has revealed that the New Zealand Now website and SkillFinder tool have been made more efficient.
New Zealand Now is an information portal for people moving to the country, while SkillFinder is specifically designed for native businesses looking for skilled professionals.
Stephen Dunstan, general manager of Settlement, Protection and Attraction at INZ, stated that these changes would make the respective websites more user-friendly.
With the New Zealand Now website, viewers will be able to see targeted messages depending on their geographical location, making content more focused and relevant.
“The new site will allow for visitors to receive different messages whether they are in the United Kingdom or North America for example,” Mr Dunstan expanded.
“These messages will be tailored to them and ensure New Zealand is being promoted to potential migrants in the most effective way.”
Meanwhile, the boosted SkillFinder tool will ensure that bosses in New Zealand will be able to source skilled workers who have registered with the site in a much more accurate way.
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