Expats told to 'consider every aspect' when buying an overseas property

International movers need to consider every aspect of buying a permanent property, according to an expert.
Paul Collins, editor at Buy Association, advised expats to “spend a good amount of time” at the location they are intending to set up a base in. It is therefore better to initially rent than buy outright – if, for whatever reason, the area is not appealing, professionals have the freedom to move.
Moreover, it is about doing research ahead of the move – visit your intended place of residence “out of season”, suggested Mr Collins, as it will provide you with a rough idea of what it is like all year through.
When asked what makes the expat life so appealing, the property specialist said that it usually is about realising a longheld dream, one which people have worked towards for years.
“Many dream of escaping the UK climate and the stresses and strains of modern life for a more leisurely existence, though how many discover that life overseas is actually like a permanent holiday is difficult to say,” he concluded.
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