Expats can access medical records abroad

A multinational insurance company has launched a new health passport for its expat customers, allowing them to access their medical records in a foreign country.
Professionals moving overseas who are Aviva customers will be reassured to know that should they fall ill or need urgent medical insurance in a foreign country, they will be able to get hold of their medical information quickly and in an accessible way with My Health Passport.
This is particularly important because a recent survey from the insurer revealed that many Brits are unsure what their GPs details are (35 per cent) and a worrying 63 per cent have no idea as to what blood group they belong to.
As such, information available on this secure and easy to use portal includes details of prescribed medicines, allergies and treatments, what vaccinations they might have had and illnesses they have suffered.
“Living and working abroad poses some unique challenges and we want to make sure our international health insurance customers have access to the latest tools and support services to make their time abroad as worry-free as possible,” explained Teresa Rogers, international business lead for Aviva.
“Recalling vital health information in the event of an illness or injury abroad can be tough, and My Health Passport offers invaluable peace of mind. The information it holds can save vital time in a patient receiving the right treatment and can save costs by preventing repeat medical tests.”
Aviva is encouraging its customers living abroad to carry a card with them at all times, so that in the event of an emergency, their records can be swiftly retrieved should they need any treatment or surgery.
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