Expat opportunities in Phoenix, USA

Known as the Valley of the Sun, so-called thanks to its 300 days of sunshine every year, Phoenix attracts those looking for a subtropical climate as well as strong work opportunities.
Once known primarily for agriculture and natural resources – reliant on the five Cs of copper, cattle, climate, cotton and citrus – the capital of Arizona has undergone somewhat of a transformation. It has been expanding rapidly and there are many new construction projects pushing the city sprawl outwards.
There are a handful of Fortune 500 companies situated in the region, as well as aerospace businesses and technology companies. The city suffered badly in the financial crisis, but it is coming back strong and is almost recovered.

Diverse economy

The economy in Phoenix is incredibly diverse, which means that there are numerous and variable opportunities for career progression and work placements. While many expats will find inter-company transfers, there are suitable roles for skilled expats across a wide range of sectors.
The key industries that are recruiting in the area are electronics and aerospace, though there are still many jobs within local government and agriculture, as well as tourism. Other areas where qualified expats could find work include administration, sales, food preparation, transportation, education, healthcare and finance.
One of the biggest names settled in Phoenix is Intel, which has its second largest site here with over 12,000 employees. There are also national headquarters for a range of businesses, both US-based and international.

Finding opportunities

When looking for an opportunity, it’s best to use dedicated online recruitment sites, as the local press doesn’t tend to publicise professional-level positions. Distributing a CV and job requirements on a recruitment service that covers Phoenix is a good way for headhunters to locate candidates to fill vacancies.
It’s also worth researching the companies that operate in Phoenix in the right industry, and look at the vacancies directly on their website, as not all jobs are advertised outside of the business. It can be worth contacting potential employers of interest too and register interest in future positions.
A job will need to be secured in advance of a move, as this will provide the correct visa to be able to live and work in the USA. While employers may prefer to recruit from the domestic workforce, a shortage of skills in some areas means that there is always a demand for skilled expats.

Other benefits

One of the advantages of moving to Phoenix for work is that the overall cost of living is generally lower than London, for example, and also cheaper than the rest of the United States. Many Americans move to Phoenix for this reason, but there is also a strong expat community within the business area of the city.
Phoenix is also popular with families of expats, with excellent public and private schools in most areas. The unrelenting heat can take some getting used to, but with good air conditioning in place, the summers can pass without too much trouble.
The city is keen on sports and there are plenty of outdoor activities and facilities, offering just as many pleasure opportunities as there are business ones.
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