Expat life in Miami

Miami in Florida is one of the world’s top holiday spots. And it’s no wonder, with its famous sandy beaches, Art Deco buildings, energetic nightlife, and world-renowned entertainment and sporting facilities. It has a lot to offer for all kinds of visitors, including families and couples of any age.
It’s also a major business centre and has one of the tallest skylines in the USA, with many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers housing offices for large American corporations and international headquarters.
It’s a popular option for British expats who may have visited the resort and are looking for a more permanent relocation. Many expats are drawn to it for its charms and weather rather than specific business opportunities, but it does have some prospects for career progression in the city’s centre.

Outdoor lifestyle

The climate is tropical, which means that expats need to prepare for hot, humid summers and mild to warm winters. It does lie in the hurricane region, but often avoids the brunt of the damage and hasn’t had a major hit since 2005. There is plenty of rain in the wet season, but this often comes alongside storms that are a welcome relief from the humidity.
Due to the year-round warm weather, many properties will have a pool or access to a communal one, and the lifestyle is very outdoors-based – something maybe expats are actively seeking when moving to Florida. There are plentiful green spaces and parks, as well as the beaches along the coastline, which gives families somewhere to burn off steam at the weekends. The Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park are close by too… though keeping a wary eye out for alligators is advised.
There is a strong focus on sports in Miami, with professional teams active in American Football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Many residents are involved in sports, either as avid fans and spectators, or participants at every level.

Cultural influences

In Miami, there is a big Latin American population, with a large number of residents speaking Spanish in their daily life alongside English. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a few key phrases in Spanish prepared to help integrate with the local community.
The lifestyle is a good balance between the busy, frantic pace of large cities like New York, and the laidback, chilled vibe in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The strong mix of cultures and diversity is evident everywhere, with small ethnic communities and neighbourhoods clustered around the main city centre. This gives the city a vibrant and slightly chaotic feel, but one that offers a very unique experience.

Working in Miami

Miami’s prime location means that it is often considered a ‘Gateway to the Americas’ being located within the United States, as well as in close proximity to Latin America.
Business can be more informal than in the United Kingdom, which can take some getting used to. There is a strong international community, with over 1,200 multinational businesses located in the south of Florida. As with most major cities around the world, it was hit by the financial crisis, but there are still jobs available in finance, commerce, tourism, wholesales, education, health services, transportation, construction and more.
All in all, Miami offers opportunities to those drawn to the lifestyle and culture of this Florida city, and is perfect for those looking to improve upon their current work/life balance.