Expat guide to Miami’s best beaches

If you’re moving to the USA as an British expatriate, you’ll want to explore the vast country’s amazing coastline for family holidays or weekend breaks. One of the best places to visit for sandy beaches and year-round blue skies is Miami.
The City of Miami is the hub of South Florida, a centre for finance, culture and economics. While it is a great place to live and work, it’s best known for its plethora of beaches. Each beach resort has its own vibe and attractions, mainly located around the island city of Miami Beach.
Whether you’re looking for upmarket and luxury, private beach clubs, family friendly, or packed with lively entertainment, there is a beach in Miami to suit your tastes. Here we round up some of the very best beaches in Miami to consider for your next trip.

South Beach

Probably one of the better-known beach resorts in Miami, South Beach is the name of a whole neighbourhood in Miami Beach, connected to the mainland via MacArthur Causeway, as well as the beach itself. It’s a regular haunt for celebrities and high-society personalities, and is the place to be seen. Along the famous Ocean Drive are exclusive nightclubs and some of the best restaurants in the whole of Miami. The Art Deco District attracts those with an interest in this period of architecture too. Due to its reputation, it can get quite busy, and locals are more likely to head to the quieter sections of the beach, to the south of 5th Street.


Surfside is a small beach town to the north of Miami Beach. It offers a lovely community feel, and it’s popular with both residents and tourists alike. If you’re looking for a vibrant, energetic nightlife, this isn’t the resort for you. But if you want a more laidback vibe, relaxing bars and live music, then Surfside is worth the trip. It’s also a good option for families looking for a day out in a safe environment.

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour Village is an upmarket resort attracting the more discerning traveller. A far cry from the tourism and flashiness of South Beach, Bal Harbour offers elegance, style and class in spades. Its pure white sands are a natural paradise, with high-end restaurants, chic boutiques and deluxe hotels giving a five-star experience. Not necessarily one to visit with the children, but it’s perfect for a high-end getaway.


As South Beach has continued to grow in popularity, the trendsetters have moved slightly north to Mid-Beach. This attractive neighbourhood is lined with upmarket hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. It’s a great place to book into one of the many stunning hotel resorts and watch the world go by. A wooden boardwalk – the Miami Beach Boardwalk – lines the edge of the beach, and is popular with walkers and runners. During the day expect a relaxed, lounge feel, but it comes alive at night with a buzzing entertainment scene.

North Beach

In stark contrast to its southern neighbour, North Beach is a quiet, relaxing escape from everyday life. It offers the same strikingly beautiful beaches, just with a more chilled feel. The North Shore Open Space Park is also worth a visit while in the area, which gives a wonderful break from the rows of hotels and apartments. Here you can find places to play and picnic areas, making it popular with local families.
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