European markets are returning to prominence

Prospective overseas property buyers are once again looking to Europe as the market stabilises and investment in accommodation becomes a more attractive option, one analyst has observed.
Paul Collins, editor at BuyAssociation, said that moving to Europe has always been popular with UK property buyers anyway, but this has recently been boosted by the fact that Europe is making fewer headlines for the wrong reasons at the moment.
“The fact that the economy seems to have possibly stabilised a very small amount could mean that people are being attracted to start looking at properties in those areas again,” he explained.
Mr Collins went on to note that climate is another factor, as poor weather inevitably leads to people casting longing glances at warmer climes.
“The summer in this country has been so horrendously poor that it does lead to people looking more towards the climate as a reason to look for property overseas as well,” he added.
An increase in the number of flights from UK airports to destinations popular with British expats could also be a key factor in people’s decisions to relocate, or possibly buy a second home overseas, as it eliminates the need for tiresome transfers and makes it easier for friends and family to visit, and vice-versa, the analyst concluded.
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