Dubai to build the world's biggest shopping mall

It was revealed in October of this year that Dubai was looking to build a replica of the Taj Mahal, only bigger. Dubbed the Taj Arabia complex, the announcement of the $1 billion (approximately £621 million) project was seen as a return to the grand ambitions of the past – pre-financial crisis that is.
Following on from that, as confidence returns to the emirate, its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has confirmed that plans are now underway to build the world’s biggest shopping mall.
In addition to that, the state will also construct a modern green space nearby that will be 30 per cent larger than Hyde Park in London. The Dubai of old is most certainly back.
It is to be named the Mohammed bin Rashid City, after the state’s emir, which reveals enough about the scope and size of the project. Nicknamed the Mall of the World, it will have the capacity to process 80 million visitors a year.
The emirate already holds the record for the world’s largest shopping centre by total area, with its capacious Dubai Mall, which is part of the Burj Khalifa complex (the tallest manmade structure in the world).
“The current facilities available in Dubai need to be scaled up in line with the future ambitions for the city,” Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement. “We have to start work immediately”.
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