'Do all the checks' before buying a European property

British professionals moving to Europe have been advised to be careful when looking to purchase a property, according to a specialist.
Paul Collins, editor at Buy Association, which offers impartial advice on overseas property, encouraged expats to get proper legal representation, as they will be able to properly examine various contracts.
In instances where people are relocating to a country where the national language is different, legal representatives who are bilingual will provide greater security and clarity when it comes to technical areas.
These things are even more important in the current economic situation, Mr Collins said, because sometimes agents, developers and sellers can attempt to rush things by saying that these are exceptionally low prices that are going to be snapped up quickly.
“Sometimes people can be encouraged to perhaps cut corners that they wouldn’t normally do,” he added. “It is very important to make sure that all of the legal checks are made as they should be, otherwise there can be problems.”
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