Denmark most expensive for consumer goods and services

The price of consumer goods and services in Denmark was the highest in the European Union (EU) last year, new statistics have revealed.
According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, the Kingdom of Denmark is 42 per cent above the EU average, followed closely by Sweden (28 per cent), Finland (25 per cent) and Luxemburg (22 per cent).
The data suggests that Nordic countries continue to be expensive places to live, which will be of interest to employees looking to expand their operations by moving overseas some workers.
Consequently, food and drink was most expensive in Denmark, which is known for having a modern economy and an enviable welfare system. In contrast, Bulgaria is the cheapest place.
Following on from the above countries are Ireland (17 per cent), Belgium (12 per cent) and France (11 per cent).
Just under the average are Spain (by seven per cent) and Greece (five per cent), while Cyprus (11 per cent) Portugal (13 per cent) and Slovenia (16 per cent) were further below.
“The overall price levels relate to the concept of household final consumption expenditure, which consists of all expenditure incurred by households on goods and services for consumption, including also rents for housing,” explained Eurostat.
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