Corona Virus / Covid 19 [Customer and Supplier update]

Cadogan Tate is conscious that our customers, suppliers and partners may have concerns about the impact of Covid 19 on our ongoing service. We also recognise that these concerns may not be about your installation/move/delivery/service but about the many unknowns associated with the Covid 19 situation.
Cadogan Tate would like to assure you that globally we are following all of the relevant advice from government bodies and will endeavour to leverage our operational scale and expertise to ensure we maintain a seamless service provision in these difficult times. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and also advise that in the event of any disruption to our network we will maintain strong lines of communication and make you aware of any potential impact that may result in delay or cancellation of our service.
We would also ask that you alert us of any changes in your personal or business circumstances so that we can factor this into our planning and ensure we have appropriate solutions to cater for the changing situation and/or environment.