Connecting schools around the world

The UK government is to launch a project to “connect” schools all around the world to boost skills and knowledge sharing in a global context.
Andrew Mitchell, international development secretary, revealed that the three-year Connecting Classrooms programme is being funded by the government and the British Council.
The Department for International Development is contributing a whopping £17 million to support links between UK schools and their equivalent academic institutions in developing countries.
This project could transform the way education is delivered and is seen as a step towards “global education”, which will be of interest to British expats moving overseas.
After all, one of the main worries for families starting a new life in a foreign country is ensuring their children get the best education they can.
“International links between schools can be hugely beneficial to both teachers and pupils. This programme will bridge geographical boundaries to spark interaction between classrooms and open up new understanding of societies, languages and cultures around the world,” commented the education secretary, Michael Gove.
“Teachers can benefit professionally through learning about partner schools’ approaches to teaching and learning and their achievements. I hope schools take this opportunity and get involved.”
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