City Guide to Geneva

Considering a move to Geneva? You’re not alone. This popular city in Switzerland has long been a favourite for expats looking to improve their quality of life. The Annual Mercer Quality of Living Survey, which takes into consideration factors such as personal safety, public transport, schools, earning potential and recreational activities, consistently ranks Geneva in the top ten cities in the world and in Europe’s top five.
Switzerland’s International City
The allure of Geneva for expats moving to Switzerland is, in part, due to its international flavour. There are more than 180 different nationalities that call this city home and the large expat population means you won’t find it difficult to meet like-minded individuals. The official language may be French but you will find English widely spoken as well as Spanish, German and even Russian. A benefit of this melting pot of cultures is that there are plenty of opportunities to dine on global cuisine from Indian, Chinese and Italian to the more unusual but no less tempting Ethiopian. In Switzerland’s capital of gastronomy, you won’t have a problem finding food that reminds you of home.
Another benefit of this international city is that you will find an excellent network of reputable international schools – make sure to move swiftly to secure a place, as they can be extremely popular.
The unemployment rate in Geneva is low with a high concentration of jobs centred around the international organisations that make the city their base. Consulting, finance, IT and technical companies are major employers in Geneva, which is just as well considering the fact that the cost of living is towards the higher end of the scale. Yet the return for your money in terms of enjoyment and quality of life is worth your hard-earned Swiss Francs.
Things To Love About Geneva
Geneva’s big draw is its natural beauty, accessibility to nature and fantastic opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors at all times of year. Its close proximity to the snow-capped Alps and over 200 ski resorts will keep winter sports enthusiasts satisfied, while if you choose to move to the city in summer, the cycling, hiking and rock-climbing possibilities are endless. Plus, of course, there is the scenic Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe, where swimming, sailing and other water-sports make a wonderful way to pass a weekend.
In terms of shopping, Geneva is the place to appreciate high quality goods – chocolate, jewellery, watches and wine are specialities. Luxury shopping to rival London and Paris can be found along the Rue du Marche and Rue du Rive while the Old Town’s winding alleys are fit to burst with art and antiques. Rue des Paquis is the place to pick up a vintage bargain and visit some unique boutiques, and Geneva’s open air markets are the place to pick up fresh produce and flowers.
For lovers of art and culture, Geneva has the ability to satisfy your soul. There is a thriving theatre scene with several companies specialising in English performances, plus museums showcasing art and history that shouldn’t be missed.
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Information correct at time of publication.