China proposes change in foreign worker status

China is looking to change its policy towards foreign worker status, a new document has revealed.
The draft proposal, which was submitted to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, wants the minimum stay in the country for foreign workers to be reduced to 90 days from 180.
Expats moving to China will be interested to learn that this is intended to make it much easier for foreign workers to apply for resident status permits.
A source involved in the document, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Global Times: “After staying in China for 90 days, expats will be able to apply for residence permits ranging from 180 days to five years, which will enable them to save half the time they needed previously.”
This is the third stage of the document, which has also suggested creating a new visa category known as “golden visas”, which is aimed at bringing in foreigners with specialisms in certain disciplines.
It is also believed that the new measure, should it come into force, will crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country.
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