Car breathalyser kit fines put back until next year

As of July 1st 2012, it has been compulsory for all motorists in France to carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicles, regardless of whether they were born in the country, have temporary residence as an expat or are simply there to enjoy a holiday.
Those that have not abided by the law have been effectively given a period of grace. This was set to end on November 1st, after which an €11 (approximately £8.90) fine would be enforced on the spot.
However, France’s interior minister, Manuel Valls, has announced that the implementation of fines will now commence at the start of March next year because some regions have been unable to acquire enough stock.
The kits are cheap to purchase and priced at around £1 to £2. Expats moving to France will be able to pick them up at airports, as well as at key locations if travelling by ferry, rail or car. They will also be available in supermarkets and pharmacies.
Expats should take note that authentic kits will, for the most part, bear the logo NF (Norme Française), which is the French equivalent of the BSI (British Standards Institution) badge.
The introduction of the fine is just one way the country is looking to reduce the number of drink-driving deaths and accidents on its roads, and it already has in place a fairly tough limit of 50mg per 100ml of blood. In the UK, the limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood.
“France’s lower limit means it’s very easy to be over the limit the morning after as well,” commented Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists. As always, the best advice for road users is not to drink and drive at all.”
There are some critics to the new law, questioning how such a thing can be properly administered. The road safety association Ligue Contre la Violence Routière has referred to it as a “little cosmetic measure”, suggesting it has no real-world practicability.
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