Cadogan Tate triumphs in moving statue to Paris

Every once in a while Cadogan Tate is asked to move something quite unusual and big. This February we were asked to move a 3.7 metre high statue of a man which has become known in Paris as ‘The Big Naked’. The move would involve a bespoke installation as well as a handful of logistical challenges.
China-based fine art agent, GCG Logistics asked Cadogan Tate to provide their expertise in moving a large sculpture from the port of Le Havre to Rue Soufflot in Paris. The sculpture was a 3.7 metre tall Mongolian statue made of stainless steel with a bronze patina, weighing an impressive 1000kg. The Mongolian was constructed by Beijing-based artist Shen Hong Biao, a graduate of Beaux Arts University in Beijing, over a course of 8 months. Due to the size of the sculpture, which was built in one piece and welded to a metal stand, a traditional 20ft container was too small, so an ‘open top’ container was used instead, with a sheet of tarpaulin to protect it from the elements when shipping.
In order to allow for the dual slope in the surface where the Mongolian would eventually stand, a new metal frame was constructed by Cadogan Tate’s engineers to sit under the existing base. The newly constructed frame could be accurately height-adjusted at the corners to ensure a level sitting. Meanwhile, negotiations had taken place between Cadogan Tate, the Paris council and the local police in order to get the installation authorised and have the relevant safety measures in place, including a large truck and crane, as well as public safety barriers.
A similar statue, by the same artist, was installed in front of the Beijing University but it was removed due to complaints about its placement in front of a statue of the university’s founder. It is not known how long the sculpture will stay in Paris as it was only intended to be a temporary gift. That being said, there is currently a petition started by local students to keep the installation, who have lovingly nick-named it “the big naked” for an indefinite period. If you are visiting Paris, it might be worth a visit.
Cadogan Tate is highly experienced in moving fine art efficiently and securely all over the world, covering all aspects of international moves including customs formalities, overseas shipping, bespoke packing, and art installation. For more information on how Cadogan Tate can help you with your fine art or residential overseas move, contact us.