Cadogan Tate Sponsor RAFT Charity Clay Shoot

Cadogan Tate were a proud sponsor of this year’s RAFT Clay Shoot.
The event, now in its 17th year, took place on Wednesday the 8th of June and raised funds that will go towards the important medical research that is carried out by the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT).
RAFT is a medical research charity which helps individuals who have suffered major trauma rebuild their lives. For over 25 years, the charity has been researching ways to restore the independence and quality of life of adults and children who, whether through accident, disease, or birth defects, need these important medical treatments.
Bionic limbs, bone regeneration and facial reconstruction are among the many valuable medical research areas which RAFT is contributing to. The charity has achieved numerous successes in its ambition to develop life-changing treatments, including ground-breaking anti-scarring agents and surgical techniques to repair the facial nerves and tendons of patients suffering from Bells Palsy and facial paralysis. These successes, along with high-calibre research, have earned RAFT a reputation for excellence in the medical research world.
The fundraising event began with a breakfast of bacon sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and muffins at the prestigious Holland and Holland shooting grounds in North London. The team fielded by Cadogan Tate was a mixed bag, ranging from experienced guns to complete novices. Despite this, they excelled at the ‘flurry’ event – which saw all three shooters line up with their loaders to continuously shoot at 80 clays within 60 seconds – achieving an impressive score of 42 out of 80 clays. Paul Haynes of Cadogan Tate also placed 5th overall in a field of 75 guns, scoring 100% at several of the stands. After the morning’s shoot, guests enjoyed a three-course meal with wine which was followed by the renowned RAFT auction.
Today, RAFT’s research is needed more than ever. 2500 children are admitted to hospital each year with burns, and non-healing wounds in adults suffering from diseases such as diabetes are on the rise. The charity’s research is providing practical, tangible, and life-changing treatments to these patients, restoring their independence and improving the quality of their lives.
To find out more, or to donate to this important cause, visit the RAFT website.