Cadogan Tate and perfect packing solutions

One of the main concerns for expats when it comes to international removals is how to package up their belongings safely. It is easy to see why, as we naturally tend to accumulate a lot of objects over the course of our lives, many of which have a sentimental worth or a tangible value – like the first gift from a partner or a work of art.
While most people can competently arrange for packing themselves, a professional service offers something distinct: expertise. There is a subtle art in arranging valuables efficiently, safely and properly. From weight to arrangement, there is a surprising amount to take into consideration.
Here’s where Cadogan Tate comes in. With over 30 years in the business, the leading international moving and storage company has built up an exacting level of proficiency in this area.
In fact, so dedicated is Cadogan Tate in ensuring that its service is of a faultless standard, it even has a permanent training centre where its employees are prepared for all sorts of scenarios and challenges. In short, anything’s possible, however big or small.
Fluffy teddy bear from your youth? No problem. Yamaha piano upon which you composed a classic? Bring it on. This is all possible because Cadogan Tate knows from experience that every move is unique. Accordingly, it has developed a wide range of professional packing options, but it doesn’t stop there. It can also devise bespoke solutions.
So, what are these options? They include:
Full pack
Says it all. Cadogan Tate will pack everything in a meticulous fashion, even dismantling and reassembling furniture if so required. From start to finish, the team will manage the whole project with utter professionalism and care.
Part Pack
This involves safely packing people’s most treasured belongings, especially those that are fragile and easily breakable. This service in particular is the kind that brings about a much needed peace of mind.
Self Pack
Again, this is pretty self-explanatory. Cadogan Tate will supply international movers with the boxes and materials needed to successfully pack things on their own. It is important to note that the company will not be able to accept liability for any loss or damage for self-packed items.
There’s much more, of course, including, as mentioned above, tailoring packing to specific requirements. Additionally, the company also provides an unpacking service, which is accessible so long as it has also carried out the packing part of the move.
Full unpack and put away service
This is one for expats looking for an inclusive package. All that is required from international movers is detailing where they want things to go in the new home, being as precise as possible.
Full unpack onto surfaces
Everything is packed onto flat surfaces in the correct places. So, kitchen belongings go into the kitchen; china on the dining table; clothes hanged in wardrobes and so on.
As can be gauged, Cadogan Tate really does offer a wide-ranging service when it comes to packing and unpacking belongings. Whichever option people go for, what is guaranteed is that they will be a little less stressed than they originally were. When you’re placing trust in experts, that is to be expected.