Bulgaria a great place to set up a new life

Bulgaria remains a great place for expats to set up a new life, with Brits able to get excellent value for money, according to thebulgarianpropertyfinder.co.uk.
Paul Watchorn, director of the specialist company that helps people settle in the east Balkan state, noted that although his British clients opt to live in Bulgaria for a number of reasons, one of the most common prompts for heading to the south-eastern country is that the UK remains relatively expensive in comparison.
What they’re really looking for, Mr Watchorn explained, is an enhanced lifestyle in terms of better value for money, a reduction in stress levels and an all-round healthier way of living.
He stated that the cost of living in Bulgaria is very low, with the country’s infrastructure and healthcare at a decent standard when weighed against other countries.
“Bulgaria has a national health service, which is free – much like the UK,” Mr Watchorn expanded.
“The rate of income tax if people want to work is just ten per cent, as is corporate tax.”
This attracts companies from abroad, like those from China, which helps the economy grow.
The property expert, who himself has made a successful transition to expat life since coming to Bulgaria in 2004, also believes that the laidback way of life in the country is a big draw, especially for those keen on being self-sufficient.
As for where to settle, Mr Watchorn advised Brits to keep away from coastal properties and instead buy inland. Financially speaking, these suitably-located properties are more likely to provide a better return on investment.
“I am an hour or so away from the coast and I am seeing reasonable and steady growth,” he concluded. “This is supported by a stable local market, rather than people paying tourist prices at the coast.”