Brits get ready to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

As the final celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee get underway, expats from all over the world are preparing their own festivities.
The historic event, which commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign as the nominal head of state, has captivated the hearts and minds of people all over the UK and those who have moved to a new country but remained indelibly linked to “home”.
In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Brits are already embracing the party mood with special brunches and street parties that are bringing the expat community together.
Speaking to Gulf News, Dominic Jermey, British ambassador to the UAE, said that he was particular honoured to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in the country, along with the 100,000 expats who have settled there.
“The weekend ahead promises to be a wonderful celebration of what makes the UK great, and a chance for us all to mark a magnificent milestone in the Queen’s reign,” he added.
“Like myself, most British citizens have known no other monarch and this will mark a special moment in our lives.”
In Perth, Australia, there is a whole host of activities planned, including the Perth Kilt Run, the 1000 Pipers Parade, the Big Jubilee Lunch and lots more.
Meanwhile in Portugal, Jill Gallard, the UK’s ambassador to the country, will be travelling to the Algarve to take part in the merriment, while also making an appearance at the various expat celebrations.
A special service at St. Georges Church in Lisbon is being held on the Sunday, while Bowls Portugal and Vilamoura Bowls Club is hosting a Jubilee Jacks and Jazz event on the Monday.
In Brazil, the British & Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro is holding a party on the Saturday, which will be attended by Paula Walsh, HM consul-general, while in sunny Florida, expats have arranged the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee British Invasion Party.
All in all, Brits from all over the world will be collectively sharing in this important occasion, one they will certainly remember for a long time coming.