British professionals lead expat charge to New Zealand

Expats from all over the world are moving to New Zealand, helping to fill the gap left by Kiwis embarking on their own overseas adventure.
British professionals are leading the way, with 5,600 heading to the country, followed closely by the Chinese (5,200) and the Indians (also 5,200), figures from Statistics New Zealand revealed.
The exodus of New Zealanders is significant, and the highest it has ever been. It’s not that there’s a lack of opportunity at home – the influx of foreigners is testament to this – but the largely youthful demographic heading to Australia are keen to find their first job abroad.
Heading to Australia also affords them the convenience of being close to home.
The statistics revealed that the number of expats heading to New Zealand is steadily on the rise. The reason the destination is so appealing is that its offers a high quality of living, is attractive for families and has ample opportunities for career development.
“Expectations for a quick end to hard times in Europe in particular, but the United States also to some extent, have gone out the window,” commented Tony Alexander, chief economist at Bank of New Zealand.
“That means a lot of people are probably thinking more in terms of where would be a good place to bring up their children; perhaps planning to shift back ‘home’ once things look better in 10 – 20 years time.”
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