British graduates opting for an 'early expat life'

The UK is at risk of experiencing a “brain drain”, with a growing number of graduates heading overseas to find opportunities as expats.
Fed up with being unable to secure a job in their field of expertise and frustrated with having to compete with significant numbers of people for certain posts, a generation of British talent is looking beyond their borders for work.
While their chosen destinations are global, most international movers are opting to relocate to Asian countries and Australia, where economic growth is significant compared with the reality back home.
One such individual to leave the UK is Jamie Devonshire, who headed to Hong Kong two years ago. He now works for a small investment fund.
Speaking to Reuters , the 26-year-old said that he loved living in the city-state, saying that everything about it, from the weather, the lifestyle, to the job itself, adding up to an enjoyable experience.
“Currently I don’t see any incentive to move back to the UK, [as the] job market is weak and property ladder is still next to impossible to get on for first time buyers,” he concluded.
According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the number of graduates from both the UK and the EU leaving their respective countries for work has risen by 25 per cent since the financial crisis of 2008 dramatically changed the economic landscape.