British expats 'back home' for the Olympics

British expats might be enjoying life working and living in a foreign country but come the London 2012 Olympic Games, a sizeable number of them will be returning home, albeit temporarily.
According to new research from Lloyds TSB International, around 385,000 British professionals who made a huge decision in moving overseas would like to be back in their native country to enjoy what will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
275,000 of those returning for the sporting extravaganza have already snapped up tickets to one of the many events that make up the Olympics, where they will be hoping the UK’s sportsmen and women can win a record number of gold medals.
The study revealed that many expats have become increasingly more patriotic about the UK since leaving its shores, their national identity reinforced and celebrated abroad.
“While there are many things that expats prefer about living overseas, many identify strongly with their home country, some more strongly than when they lived here,” added Richard Musty, director of expatriate banking at Lloyds TSB.
“Seeing Britain on show throughout the world is a huge source of pride, and it speaks volumes that so many are coming back to see the Olympics.”
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