Best Neighbourhoods in Zurich for Expat Lifestyle

As you might expect from a city that has a reputation for being the financial capital of Europe, many expats moving to Zurich work in the finance industry. However, finding somewhere to live in the city might be a little bit daunting so read on as we look at the top areas for expat lifestyle in this classically beautiful Swiss city.
Property in central Zurich is, of course, in high demand as many expats compete for the convenience of living in close proximity to the office. As such, renting can be costly, so be sure to do your research and plan your move as far in advance as possible.
On the Eastern shore of the Zurich lake, you will find the lush and green area of Seefeld. Seefeld is centrally located and is ideal for those looking for a steady pace of life, peppered with scenic walks by the lake and through the botanical gardens. Property here is hard to come by but is certainly worth the investment.
Literally translated as ‘long street’, Langstrasse is one of the more lively and cosmopolitan areas of Zurich. By day Langstrasse is a hotspot for shopping and eating out with its varied international restaurants and cafes. By night this neighbourhood earns its reputation as a colourful nightlife district that has seen many facelifts and improvements in recent years to bring it more in line with the classy and respectful aesthetic of the rest of the city. Property in Langstrasse is amongst the most affordable in Zurich, but with the improvements being made to the area house prices are creeping up.
For a more traditional picture of Zurich, expats should head to Niederdorf – on the Eastern bank of the river Limmat, where the river meets the lake. Part of the old town, with the architecture to prove it, Niederdorf is a pedestrianised area that with charming shops and cafes in hidden beguilingly in narrow alleyways.
On the other side of the river from Niederdorf, you will find Lindenhof. Once the site of a Roman castle and now a beautiful green vantage point with views that stretch as wide as the city, Lindenhof is a perfect place to take a deep breath and unwind. Much like its neighbour on the opposite river bank, Lindenhof is a pedestrianised area and as such has an undeniable gentle pace to it, which is further helped by the calming green areas and breath-taking views.
If you want to be within easy commuting distance of central Zurich and are looking for a little more space away from the hustle and bustle of central Zurich, head east for around 8 miles to the Greifensee lake. Here you will find a charming region with lake-side walks and cycle routes with plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities. Far from the busy city centre, Greifensee is largely decorated with rolling countryside, farmhouses and small villages. That’s not to say it is completely cut-off. All the important amenities (such as supermarkets, a hospital and schools) can be found in nearby Uster.
Renting is commonplace in Zurich; most expats and local residents will rent a property rather than own. However, the property market is becoming increasingly attractive, click here to find out if you should rent or buy?
Zurich has a lot to offer expats moving to Switzerland. Not just for job opportunities but also as a beautiful place to live that has a wide range of neighbourhoods and nearby villages to suit every taste. Whether you are looking to be in the heart of the Zurich nightlife or live on the banks of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, Zurich has a home for you.