Best countries to work abroad

For many expats, moving abroad is a chance to seize superior job prospects and take advantage of opportunities for higher earnings and faster career progression than can be found in the UK. While most expat surveys look at the overall balance of a country, many career-minded expats may simply want to know where the best places to work abroad are. As part of the Expat Explorer Survey, HSBC has published findings on where the best countries to work abroad are. Perhaps surprisingly, the top three places are all taken by European countries.
Third in the rankings is Germany. As the fourth largest economy in the world, expats working in Germany report very high levels of job security and, as Cadogan Tate recently reported in our Berlin city guide, German legislation ensures a favourable work-life balance for employees. For example, the employment ministry guarantees four weeks annual paid vacation, but many employers offer more than this. A recent legislative change has also banned employers from contacting employees outside of working hours except in emergencies.
Another country known for its excellent work-life balance is Sweden, which was ranked second overall in the list of best places to work abroad and first for work-life balance. Of all countries in the survey, Swedish expats were most likely to report an improvement in work-life balance compared to their home country. What’s more, Sweden also ranked top for job security as well. The Swedish working environment is renowned for looking after employees, from generous paternal leave to equality in the workplace, making it a top destination for expat workers.
But the best country to work in, according to this comprehensive survey of expats, is Switzerland. As well as offering excellent job security and a good work-life balance, nearly two-thirds of expats report higher salaries than those on offer back home. Switzerland is a global financial centre with a strong history of trade with neighbouring countries and beyond. As such, the Swiss economy is very strong, with plenty of employment options in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, technology, engineering and, of course, banking. According to IMF figures, Switzerland has the second highest GDP per capita of anywhere in the world, beaten only by Luxembourg.
As for Singapore, the country which most often tops expat surveys, it came a respectable fifth in the list of best countries to work. Some Middle Eastern countries – the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia – also made the top ten, with many expats citing the excellent pay packages and benefits offered to expat employees as a reason.
Although recent years have seen Asian and Middle Eastern countries climb the overall ranks in expat surveys, it seems European countries still offer the best working environments for expats. However, as these economies continue to develop, there’s no telling where the top expat employment destination will be in next year’s survey.
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