Australian residents warned against relying on Apple Maps

Residents in Australia who use Apple Maps on their iPhones to get around have been told to be careful about relying on this navigation system in Victoria.
Mildura Police has issued a warning about the mapping programme, after a spate of motorists found themselves stranded after following the directions on the screen.
Officials have done tests on the system and have discovered that it wrongly locates the city of Mildura. According to Apple Maps, it is 70 kilometres away from its actual location, taking drivers into the extremely remote area known as Murray-Sunset National Park.
The authorities said they were “extremely concerned” by this, as there is no water supply in the park, which is made all the more troubling by the fact that temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees.
Mildura police described this as a “potentially life threatening issue”, noting that some of the motorists they have rescued had been stranded in the park for up to 24 hours without food or water.
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