Australian properties 'more spread out'

British expats moving to Australia for work and looking to purchase a home will need to adjust themselves to a different way of living, according to a property investor.
Brett Alegre-Wood, founder of Your Property Club, explained that people tend to be a lot more spread out in Australia, so it pays to choose very carefully where you settle.
Otherwise, expats will find themselves spending quite a bit of time in their car or on public transport getting to places.
Mr Alegre-Wood, who is also a prominent author in his specialism, noted that Australia has a very similar culture to the UK, making it easier for expats to adjust to life overseas.
“People think the same way; I think they all enjoy a good time,” he said.
“It is a fantastic lifestyle, but the first three months are going to be hard, because it is a different way of life. But when you do get into it, it is fantastic. It is probably one of the best places to live.”
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