Australia relaxes points system for foreign workers

The Australian government has relaxed the criteria for its skilled migration system to make it easier for professionals to enter the country.
It comes after politicians conceded that exponential growth of the country’s economy cannot continue unless the problem of labour shortage is addressed.
British expats moving overseas will be interested to hear that as of July 1st, Australia’s Department of Migration and Citizenship will be introducing a reinvigorated and more open point-based system.
It is believed that the substantial changes will help attract “the best of the best” in skilled workers across all industries.
Paul Arthur, director of The Emigration Group, commented that this represents one of the biggest international recruitment drives seen in the country for over 30 years.
Earlier this month, it was reported that Australia’s largely service-based economy had grown more than was expected during the first quarter of 2012. According to some experts, this is great news and shows that the country is in a good position to sustain development.
There is ample room for this as, despite being one of the biggest nations in the world in terms of land mass, it has a relatively small population, densely populated in the east.
Australia is viewed as being one of the best places to live in the world, across all areas, including income, healthcare, civil rights and education.
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