American University of Dubai to roll out masters degree course

Families of those moving to Dubai will have the chance to achieve masters degrees and other top-class qualifications at the American University of Dubai (AUD).
For years, those moving overseas to the state have found that achieving such qualifications have been a trial due to high fees and other issues although the AUD hopes this course will come good.
The university will offer a masters in education alongside a curriculum that has been drawn up with the University of Ohio.
Dean Dr Catherine Hill hopes that it will be able to fill some of the big gaps in the current education system.
Dr Hill told The National: “There has to be a strong focus on special education. It’s a void that’s missing out there.
“It will be part of every class, but particularly a class called differentiated instruction, which will emphasise the importance of tailoring a class to the needs of a student.”
Last year, Abu Dhabi University launched a masters in special education course but has just five students enrolled.
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