Adelaide comes top of Australian city planning survey

Those moving to Australia, specifically Adelaide, will be pleased to hear the city has been named at the top of a survey for planning among rival Australian cities.
Those moving overseas to the city should know it beat off competition from fellow settlements Sydney and Melbourne to come top of the poll.
The city managed to meet ten of the Council of Australian Governments’ Reform Council stipulations in city planning.
Adelaide was found to be consistent with ten of the 12 criteria while Sydney met just one and Melbourne failed to meet any.
Reform council chair Paul McClintock said: “Getting this (strategic planning) right is crucial to the future quality of life of our cities as populations grow.
“Many of the problems of congestion, poor design and lack of infrastructure relate to failures and poor planning in the past.”
Australian politician Brian Howe, head of the council’s expert advisory panel, said that city planning in the 21st century needs to centre on knowledge and ideas.
In previous centuries, Mr Howe said planning had focused on firstly rail and then automobile developments.