Abu Dhabi drivers told not to stop in yellow boxes

Drivers in Abu Dhabi have been reminded that they must refrain from stopping inside yellow boxes at road junctions, as this is an offence.
The traffic and patrols directorate at Abu Dhabi Police have been forced to remind drivers of the law as it is continuing to be a problem on the roads in the emirate.
Motorists have been warned that should they be caught in a yellow box – which brings disruption to free-flowing traffic – they will face a fine of up to AED500 (approximately £84).
There is also a growing realisation that more needs to be done to improve road knowledge amongst drivers in Abu Dhabi and, in turn, boost overall safety.
Officials will be distributing leaflets to residents informing them of the rule coming into effect, which will be enforced through the installation of a greater number of surveillance cameras and a proliferation of patrols.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole is aware that while it makes for a great place to live, a land of opportunity for international movers no less, there is still a lot to be done.
Road safety is one of the most pressing issues, as the UAE is rated eighth in the world for road accidents. Indeed, in Abu Dhabi alone, road crashes are classed as the second leading cause of death, behind cardiovascular disease.
The Department of Transport is making concerted efforts to enhance the state’s road infrastructure, which has, since 2009, resulted in a reduction in the number of accidents, “despite an ever growing population”.
In addition to conducting regular road safety audits and campaigns, the Department of Transport has invested in significant projects to modernise its roads.
This includes improving the main road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, which suffers from regular traffic congestion, and intersecting this road with the Sheikh Khalifa Interchange to improve flow from other parts of the country.
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