The Tribeca Ball: An art exhibition with a twist

April 16th will see the New York Academy of Art host its annual event, the Tribeca Ball, with this year’s instalment honouring a particularly famous face.
Legendary actor Robert De Niro is set to be honoured at the event, one of many that the Academy puts on each year, with this particular soiree sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels as well as ourselves, Cadogan Tate, a supporter of the Academy.
The event will showcase work from a wide variety of up and coming artists enrolled with the academy with De Niro being honoured because of his work with the Tribeca Film Festival.
De Niro helped get the festival off the ground as a way of pushing home the power that film can have over people and as a way of reinvigorating the Tribeca region, located in Lower Manhattan.
This year’s theme, mirroring the Academy’s mission, will see a large proportion of the works devoted to the study of the body beautiful.
The Academy has a wonderfully rich history within the art world having been founded by Andy Warhol back in 1982. We are delighted to continue to be involved both as attendees and also in our official capacity as the Academy’s “exclusive art handler”.
Since its founding, the Academy has gone on to produce some extremely skilled artists under the tutelage of famous faces such as Eric Fischl, Jenny Saville, Will Cotton and Vincent Desiderio.
The Tribeca Ball is widely considered as one of the highlights of the Academy’s calendar thanks to its lively evening’s entertainment and fascinating art exhibitions.
This is no dreary gallery with stuffy, judgemental experts, it includes much more of a maverick, colourful element to it.
The Academy’s official website describes the evening as a chance for guests to “explore six floors of studios and observe artists and models at work, all the while sipping cocktails and enjoying surprise entertainment”.
The event has been held successfully for years now and this year’s is unlikely to be any different, long live the Tribeca Ball.