Thinking ahead to Asia Week New York

This year’s Asia Week New York is a special occasion. It is five years since the expo launched, expectant of the region’s growing visibility and influence in the world of art.
It also marked another symbolic gesture from the West that Eastern art, too often overlooked and forgotten, is getting the just recognition it deserves, past, present and beyond.
For eight days, The US’ most populous city will host a plethora of exhibitions across 43 of its galleries in the metropolitan area, celebrating Asian works of art with the kind of energy, razzmatazz and cultural discourse that is only possible in the Big Apple.
“Asia Week New York is a cosmopolitan event so it’s only fitting that it takes place in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and cultured cities,” said Henry Howard-Sneyd, chairman of Asia Week New York 2013 and vice-chairman of Asian Art at Sotheby’s.
“For discerning, in-the-know collectors, curators, scholars and Asian art enthusiasts from all around the world, it has become an essential destination in March.”
Here are some shows to check out during this week.
J.J. Lally & Co
J.J. Lally & Co, which was founded 27 years ago by the eponymous James Lally, is renowned for its commitment to Chinese art. Visitors can enjoy Song Dynasty Ceramics: The Ronald W. Longsdorf Collection.
These collected works from the American display amazing vases, wine ewers, tea bowls and other vessels produced during the Golden Age of Chinese ceramics.
Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd
Fresh from the UK, the Asian art specialists Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd will be delivering an exceptional exhibition of Indian art.
Entitled Indian Painting 1580-1850, the show, which will be at 9 East 82nd Street, Suite 1A, will feature a remarkable work by Achhai Ram known as Vishnu and Lakshmi Flying Through A Landscape on the Wings of Garuda.
Dalton Somaré Gallery
After Alexander: Works of Art from Hellenized Asia is a rich and immersive show from the Milanese Dalton Somaré Gallery, which will be held at Pace Gallery. Here, viewers can enjoy Indo-Greek, Greek Bactrian and Gandharan works of art.
The fact that Dalton has been actively engaged for the best part of 20 years in bringing together Indian art work to Europe, you can be confident that this will be a fantastic addition to the roster of events.
Koo New York
Founded in 2001, Koo New York is managed by its founder Jiyoung Koo, who is internationally recognised worldwide as one of the preeminent specialists and dealers of Korean Art in the US.
Objects Revered: Korean Art from American Collections, which is running at the Mark Murray Gallery, is made up of expertly chosen works from private mid-twentieth century collectors who live in Korea.
And lots more
This is merely a tiny snapshot of what art lovers can expect during Asia Week New York. Galleries from all around the world are participating; keen to highlight their commitment to this region’s art.
Asia Week New York runs from March 15th until March 23rd 2013.
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