Sabiha Al Khemir gets top Islamic post at the Dallas Museum of Art

Sabiha Al Khemir has been appointed as the first senior advisor of Islamic art at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA).
The founding director of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, has been given a three-year contract with the institution and will be charged with increasing its collection of Islamic art.
Her responsibilities will include creating new relationships with other establishments around the world, as well as helping to identify new contracts and loan opportunities, all of which will involve dealing with the storage of art at the museum.
“Sabiha is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in Islamic art, having worked with the Met, the Louvre, and the British Museum, in addition to serving as the founding director of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha,” commented Maxwell L. Anderson, a director at the museum.
He added that with Ms Khemir’s appointment, the DMA will offer a broader and more enriching experience to visitors, with Islamic art sitting alongside contemporary works, as well as nineteenth century, African and Indonesian art.
The leading Islamic art expert has also taught classes at the British Museum of Art, consulted for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and produced documentaries for Channel 4.
“I am inspired and excited to be joining the staff at the Dallas Museum of Art and to be a part of the DMA’s expanding international presence,” Ms Khemir said.
“By connecting with people and cultures in new ways, we are able to experience different perspectives, broaden horizons, and better mutual understanding. This work allows for the development of new types of visual presentation.”