Metropolitan Museum of Art secures Nicholas Cullinan’s services

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has announced that it has appointed Nicholas Cullinan as a curator in its department of modern and contemporary art.
Thomas P. Campbell, director and chief executive of the Met, revealed that Mr Cullinan, who currently is curator of international modern art at London’s Tate Modern, will be joining the museum in the spring of 2013.
Mr Campbell said he was delighted to secure the services of Mr Cullinan, whom he referred to as a formidable scholar, one who has positioned himself as a distinguished individual in the field of modern and contemporary art over the last ten years.
Sheena Wagstaff, chairman of the department of modern and contemporary art at The Met, was also full of praise, referring to the curator as someone who seems to bring “seemingly inexhaustible knowledge, expertise, and energy to bear on all of his projects”.
“He will be a great addition to the team I now lead at the Met and a terrific complement to the range of expertise already represented by my colleagues,” she added. “He will, of course, also be an essential contributor to the modern and contemporary program we are currently developing for the Breuer project on Madison Avenue.”
Mr Cullinan has built up a reputation as one of the brightest curators and scholars of modern art, thanks largely to his activities at Tate Modern over the last five years. Some of the major exhibitions he has worked on have included Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia (2008); Cy Twombly: Cycles and Seasons (2008); Pop Life: Art in a Material World (2009); and Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye (2012).
The art expert, who has been commended for his work on Cy Twombly and the Italian art movement Arte Povera, has also been instrumental in helping bring into existence an acquisition committee at Tate Modern, which has been set up to help the gallery collect modern and contemporary art from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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