Marc Quinn's Drawn from Life to open in new unique location

A new exhibition of Marc Quinn’s work will be hosted by Sir John Soane’s Museum in spring next year. The show ‘Drawn from Life’ will feature a series of fragmented sculptures, which will be placed among the permanent exhibitions of sculptures and antique casts that are displayed in the museum.
Quinn’s ethereal sculptures have been made in collaboration with his partner who is a dancer. The pieces look at the iconographic language of historical artefacts and explore the resonance they have with life today. Drawn from Life will also represent Quinn’s fascination with Soane’s collection of fragmented sculptures as he draws inspiration from their aesthetic.
Soane wanted his collection of pieces to inspire further creativity, as well as curiosity. Quinn is the first artist invited to use the spirit of the museum’s collection to create an exhibition as part of a new programme that aims to build on the founder’s ethos.
It seems that Quinn is the perfect fit for the museum, as he takes great inspiration from collecting diverse objects and artwork, many of which are housed in his studio. A large number of the items that Soane collected and that are now on display in the museum have been an inspiration to Quinn, including the huge number of fragments.
Quinn’s collection references classical sculpture directly, with Drawn from Life showing disembodied body parts that seem to be fighting, supporting, loving and holding all at once.
Bruce Boucher, director of the Sir John Soane’s Museum, said: “The completion of our seven-year restoration has enabled us to undertake new and exciting projects and collaborations, such as this exhibition. Soane wanted his astonishing collection to inspire, and its breadth and depth means that it appeals as much to a contemporary artist, as an architectural historian or the curious first-time visitor.
“We’re delighted that Marc Quinn will present Drawn from Life, making him the first of a number of contemporary creatives invited to engage with this remarkable collection in their own very personal way.”
Quinn explained that his new work is all about the notion of fragment, which fits well in the surroundings of Sir John Soane’s Museum due to the reflecting history shared by the collections. Each piece is about “refracting the language of classical art” in order to make it relevant to modern life. He continued to say that he is “thrilled” to be unveiling his latest show in such a unique setting.
Drawn from Life will be running from March 28th to September 23rd, 2017, with free admission for all.