LAPADA Object of the Year seeks out unique items

The LAPADA Object of the Year competition 2012 is coming up and once again we are proud to sponsor the event which aims to find the most unique and beautiful objects in the UK.
The competition, which is organised by the Association of Art and Antiques Dealers alongside Country Life magazine, works on the premise that every one of LAPADA’s members has at least one special object tucked away somewhere which deserves to be shared with the nation and could end up taking the coveted object of the year title.
“Not necessarily in terms of monetary value; it could be a simple, everyday item but one that still stands out because of its quality, rarity, provenance or interest. Cast your mind back – do you recall the thrill of discovery when you found that special piece that sent your heart racing?” the organisers stated.
And we are thrilled to be part of the hunt for such amazing items.
For us the best bit about the competition is that it’s a chance for members to showcase their superb one off pieces, to be judged by not only curators but also the general public.
It truly is a remarkable exhibition and a great shop window for collectors.
Past winners
These rare and stunning objects, which could be anything from a piece of jewellery to an unusually-designed table or a rare antique ornament given previous shortlisted items, will then be judged in two categories; the Judges’ Choice and the People’s Choice.
The Judges’ Choice, as you would expect, is voted for by a panel of eminent experts from the art world while the winner of the People’s Choice award is voted for by the wider public who can choose their favourite object online.
With so many stunning objects entered each year we don’t envy the judges their choice and indeed last year they were so torn that two items were awarded joint first prize, with both a Medieval silver shield-shaped seal which dates back to the 12th/13th century and a Battle of Britain lace panel from the 1940s taking the top accolade.
The Great British public were more decisive though and voted a ruby, sapphire, yellow diamond and enamel heart brooch by Paul Flato from 1938 into the winner’s spot.
What’s in store this year?
The objects vying for this year’s prizes will be revealed via the official LAPADA Object of the Year website on May 1st so people will have to wait until then to feast their eyes on the competitors.
Each of the objects will be judged based on their quality, rarity and condition with historical importance, provenance, any stories attached to it and how it was discovered all being taken into consideration.
And if looking at the objects via the web isn’t enough for you, all of the shortlisted items and of course the winners will be on display at the Olympia International Fine Art & Antiques Fair between June 7th and 17th.
How to get involved
We’re thrilled to be involved with the LAPADA Object of the Year event by acting as a sponsor for the second year running and we have a history of working with the organisation which has seen us sponsoring various events including its annual conference.
It keeps us up to date with goings on in the antique dealer world which allows us to advise foreign buyers, mainly Americans, on who sells what and where.
However, it’s not just the sponsors and LAPADA members who can be involved.
Since the introduction of the People’s Choice award last year it is possible for all art lovers to involve themselves in the Object of the Year awards. People can vote for their favourite online and make the most of social networking by ‘liking’ their favourite objects and helping spread the word via Facebook.
Alternatively head to see the objects in real life – we can guarantee all of the finalists really are worth a view.