India Art Fair returns in 2013

India Art Fair returns next year for its fifth edition, running from January 31st until February 3rd.
The subcontinent’s preeminent modern and contemporary art expo, which was formerly known as India Art Summit, has grown in success since it launched in 2008.
With interest in Asian art fast rising, fairs like this help to edify and enlighten the wider art world about this dynamic industry, which has hitherto been on the fringes of discourse and visibility.
“The focus of the art fair, given the present business environment particularly in the art sector, is on developing new audiences, and initiating new energy in the Indian art market,” commented Neha Kirpal, founding director of India Art Fair.
“Whilst it gives those with limited knowledge about art an opportunity to see a diverse spectrum of art, for existing collectors, it offers a brand new line up of exciting works.”
It’s all about creating a platform where galleries, investors and key individuals can network, engage and discuss ideas about the depth and breadth of Indian art, and how it can be better disseminated and understood.
There is a tacit understanding that the profile of Indian art is set to explode over the next few years, much in the same way that Chinese and Japanese art, for example, and has been slowly making much more of an impact since the turn of the century.
A reflection of the fair’s growing importance can be derived from the roster of speakers lined up to speak next year. This includes Adriano Pedrosa, curator and director, of PIESP-Programa Independente da Escola in São Paulo; Barbara London, curator of video and performance art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; and Liu Yingjiu, deputy director at Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai.
There will be 42 galleries from all around the world taking part in the expo, which this year sees first time representation from Argentina, Bangladesh, Israel, Korea, Latvia, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia.
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