Haunch of Venison launch Günther Uecker exhibition

Haunch of Venison has launched a landmark exhibition by the distinguished German artist Günther Uecker, his first show in New York since 1966.
A total of 15 new works have been created for the show, which sees Uecker continue to deliver interesting pieces through the rhythmic placement of nails.
Even in the limitless expanse of contemporary art, this strange material might at first seem incongruous, the reaction of many to be, quite rightly, mystification as to how nails can create beauty or provoke thought.
But, in their final form, their fluent placement in relation to one another lifts them from their banal and accepted reality – they exist to join things together or act as a hook – and transfers them into a more interesting space…the abstract.
However, that abstract is grounded in meaning. Uecker doesn’t leave his art completely in the hands of the viewer; he has things he wants to say, about violence, redemption and religion.
“That makes an exhibition of new work in New York particularly special and exciting,” said Emilio Steinberger, Haunch of Venison’s international director.
“Uecker asks questions in a consistently strong and confrontational way but always manages to keep a sense of vulnerability, sensitivity and beauty present. This is what makes Uecker a master of his generation and one of the most significant artists working today.”
The very act of putting such a work together is testament to what the artist is seeking to uncover, namely whether man is much more than just an animal, inherently violent, or something far more interesting, the children of god so to speak, with a destiny, a purpose.
It is something he remains uncertain of. After all, to create such beautiful forms, Uecker has to forcefully hammer the nails into the canvas. Such an exercise needs aggression. How do we escape that?
Günther Uecker at Haunch of Venison runs until December 21st 2012.
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