9/11: Design for arts venue revealed

Last week, the design for the new arts venue at the World Trade Center was revealed. The building design, which is to be made up of translucent marble and glass, has been long awaited and will provide performing arts for the tourists and residents of New York who flock to the 9/11 memorial site.
Famous singer Barbra Streisand will serve as the chair of the board of the Ronald O Perelman Performing Arts Center, which will be dedicated to new works.
The design of the centre is cube-shaped and it would act as a commemoration of the horrific terrorist events that unfolded some 15 years ago by reflecting the vitality of Manhattan and it’s ability to overcome such tragedy, according to board members.
The arts centre will be constructed from translucent, veined marble and glass, creating a “mystery box” image, claims its architect Joshua Prince-Ramus.
During the day, the box will have a dull sheen. However, when the sun sets, it will come alive and light up, glowing like a paper lantern.
The structure of the 99,000 sq ft (9,197 sq metres) building will include a rehearsal room and three auditoriums.
But this building isn’t just your average performing arts centre. According to Mr Prince-Ramus, because artistic directors need flexibility with new productions, the rooms and halls will feature movable walls to create up to 11 configurations.
The largest configuration will hold as many as 1,200 people and will act as a venue for comedy sketches, music concerts and theatrical performances.
President and director of the centre, Maggie Boepple, believes that the space could be a “birthplace” for new shows, as well as being a community centre with amenities such as a cafe and fitness classes like yoga.
The “mystery box” will also be the home for the annual Tribeca film festival.
Along with the design, the estimated cost of the arts centre has been revealed at $250 million (£180 million).
So far, billionaire Ronald Perelman has donate $75 million to the construction of the centre. However, a further $75 million in donations is still required before the project is expected to open, in early 2020.
Ms Streisand gave a statement: “The performing arts connect us all and are such a vital part of New York City. The Perelman Center will vibrate with theatre, music, dance, and film and bring life to this hallowed ground.”
A range of materials will make up the interior of the building, which will include steel walls, concrete trusses, wood floors and perforated plywood panels.
The arts centre will be located to the north of the memorial to those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and is part of a wider development which features the foundations of the Twin Towers that previously stood there.