2015 Turner Prize nominees announced

The Turner Prize, never short of delivering twists and turns, has lived up to its reputation as the iconoclast of art awards, shortlisting a London-based, 18-strong art collective for this year’s gong.
Alongside this coterie of creatives – who interestingly do not position themselves to be artists (many have studied architecture) – is an artist who describes her practice as the Invented Life; one who imagines and develops new forms via her work; and one who, through sculpture and collage, explores contemporary consumer culture.
Below is a glimpse into each of these nominees.
Nominated for: Numerous projects including the ongoing collaboration with residents in a Liverpool housing estate.
In short: Formed in 2010, the collective has, over the past five years, grown in stature. Their ethos is predicated on “addressing the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made”.
Tate says: “Their architectural spaces and environments promote direct action and embrace a DIY sensibility.”
Bonnie Camplin
Nominated for: The Military Industrial Complex at South London Gallery
In short: Bonnie Camplin’s work occupies multiple disciplines – including film, drawing and performance – whose impetus is rather hard to define. At a base level, she “lives her art”.
Tate says: “Bonnie Camplin’s practice … is characterised by the critique of existing power-structures, and spans the disciplines of drawing, film, performance, music and writing.”
Janice Kerbel
Nominated for: The operatic DOUG, which was commissioned Glasgow’s The Common Guild at Mitchell Library.
In short:  Her precisely crafted works often take the form of audio recordings, performance and printed matter.”
Tate says: “Kerbel borrows from conventional modes of narrative in order to create elaborate imagined forms.”
Nicole Wermers
Nominated for: Her show Infrastruktur at the contemporary London-based art gallery Herald St.
In short: With an interest in examining the relationship between social class, objects and the ways in which people consume, Nicole Wermers acute exploration of design has elevated her profile.
Tate says: Wermers creates sculptures, collages and installations which explore the appropriation of art and design within consumer culture.
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