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Paris Storage and Moving Services

Convenient Paris storage

State-of-the-art storage facilities, conveniently located for central Paris and the surrounding areas. We offer convenient storage services and with full move into store services.

Call our team and they will organise everything for you. Our team can pack and move your items into store, so you have nothing to worry about.

For simple, convenient and high quality storage, please get in touch with our team today.

Cadogan Tate Paris
Parc des Docks, Batiment 553B
50 Rue Ardoin
St Ouen 93400

Telephone: +33 (0) 1 48 20 85 60

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Quality storage options and viewing rooms

Our Paris storage facility in St Ouen offers quality storage with a wide range of options including viewing facilities. If you are looking for storage with viewing facilities for a private collection, or you need cost effective long term storage, we will have an option to suit you. Our facility also offers optional temperature-controlled storage and private rooms, giving you a range of different storage to choose from.


Private Rooms

Our Paris storage facility offers Private Room storage. This is the most suitable option if your items need to be stored for some time, and you will require on-going access and management to the consignment.

Private Room storage is particularly practical, for example when extensive personal wardrobes, private wine or art collections, medical records, archives, or executors' estates are being stored.

Over-sized Item Storage

Our Over-sized Item Storage Areas are designed for the storage of large and irregular items which cannot be easily accommodated in a Private Room. Space is assigned by the square foot.

Over-sized Item Storage Areas are suitable for the storage of particularly large pieces of domestic furniture, grand pianos, large sculptural or decorative art pieces or business related items such as conference tables or even items of commercial machinery.

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Over-sized Item Storage

Containerised Storage

If you are unlikely to need regular access to your belongings, then Containerised Storage is the most cost effective storage option to meet your needs. Containerised storage uses industry-standard sized containers (measuring 2.4m high x 1.5m wide x 2.15m long), that will be carefully sealed, to keep your items safely stored. We keep our terms for this service as flexible as possible, you don't need long-term contracts and only need to provide two weeks' notice when you wish to depart from store.

When you choose Containerised Storage, our team will come to collect your property and pack your container. When they do this they will make detailed notes of the condition of your property, then pack, label and load your items into your containers. When packed the containers are security-sealed in your presence and then taken for storage in our computer-controlled container storage facilities for as long as you wish.

The containers are a generous size. As an example using domestic possessions, a container of this size will comfortably hold two beds, two wardrobes, a fridge, a cooker and twelve tea-chest size cartons.

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High quality storage facilities conveniently located for central Paris

Conveniently located

With easy access to central Paris and the suburbs, our Paris storage facility is well located for many of the popular residential and business districts of Paris.

Popular postcodes in and around Paris that we service include: 75001, 75002, 75003, 75004, 75005, 75006, 75007, 75008, 75009, 75010, 75015, 75016, 75017, 92200, 92300, 92100, 92210

Storage services

  • Optional temperature controlled
  • Flexible configuration
  • Private storage rooms
  • Large scale storage available
  • Private viewing facilities
  • Casing and packing for fragile items

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Storage Inventory Management

Online Inventory iLIVE

Through our proprietary iLIVE inventory management software, we can provide you with easy to access immediate visibility of your stored items via your computer or mobile device.

iLIVE is hosted on a secure webserver, protected by an encrypted connection and can only be accessed via your unique user name and password. It provides details of the locations, quantities, values and physical condition of the items you have in storage. Images can be attached to each item in your storage inventory.

Viewing Rooms

Viewing Rooms and Facilities

Our storage facilities in Paris offer dedicated, flexible viewing areas. Private Rooms or containers can be opened, and their contents examined or removed and displayed for photography, viewing and condition reporting.

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